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Customers can send Queries and requests about Business Products and Services using the Contact Form..With Live Broadcast customers and Business can interact on Live.Customers can seek Live Demo on Business Products and Services online..

A live broadcast: also called a live transmission generally refers to various types of media that are broadcast without a significant delay. ... Other types of live broadcasts include: Live radio. Live television. Internet television.. Live streaming: refers to the process of how the online streaming media is recorded concurrently and broadcast in actual time of the event to allow to the viewer to see it using their media devices such as laptop, mobile phones, tablets and television. To most people, live streaming is simply refer as streaming in general terms. Examples of the Live stream services will include using social media platforms such as Facebook and Youtube or other websites that allows viewers to watch live events and interact with the host or key personal in the actual time.

Live Broadcast helps business to interact with customers online to provide demo about products and services.